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  • From: Paul Bolduc <pcbolduc@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 08:33:07 -0500

Yes, Roxio allows you to copy entire folders to a data disk.

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> OK Everyone, I'll try to ask this question without confusing you or me.
> I'd like to know if you can burn folders on to a data CD with Roxio.  I do 
> not own Roxio, but I'll consider getting it if this can be done.  You can 
> not do this with Nero as far as I know.
> With Nero. you can only burn a straight file list, no folders.  However, I 
> remember using Adaptec software that allowed me to burn folders on to a 
> CD.
> For Example, I have an old data CD that has six folders burned on to it, 
> and there are MP3 files within these folders.
> So, if I put that disc into the CD ROM drive, the six folders will be 
> displayed.  If I enter one of those folders, the contents of that folder 
> will be displayed.
> I've tried this with Nero, but it wants me to open the folder and burn the 
> MP3 files in that folder.
> I hope that my question made sense.  Thanks,   Jack 

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