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  • Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 18:43:29 -0700

Control, shift Q is a hot key to list open tab pages in Internet Explorer 7. 
This is from an old message...
In JAWS 7, there are new scripts in both the Outlook and
Outlook Express script files that, when enabled, allow you to reply 
to the individual who sent a message to a list without replying to the 
list. The scripts are named ReplyDirectlyToSender and here's how to 

1. Open your e-mail program, Outlook or Outlook Express. This function 
not available to Eudora users.
2. Press INSERT+8 to open the Keyboard Manager.
3. If necessary, press TAB once to move focus into the list if 
scripts within the script source file.
4. In the list of scripts, locate the ReplyDirectlyToSender script.
5. Press CTRL+A to assign a keystroke to this script. I used 
since it wasn't assigned to anything else, but you can use any other
unassigned keystroke.
6. Press TAB once and uncheck the check box that asks if you want to 
the keystroke only to whatever keyboard configuration (desktop or 
you're using.
7. TAB to the OK button and press ENTER.
8. Press ENTER again to save and exit.
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From: Roger Bachelder 
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Subject: Reply to sender

Hello everyone,


I did get the reply to all working again. But I'm back to the original problem. 
Chris, I even tried a Control, Shift, Q, for the hell of it. And I got the same 
response, Jaws said, reply directly to sender. And when I shift tabbed to the 
to field, it said, jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And I know    there is no command in Outlook with Control, shift, Q, as a 

I'm most likely not going to post this question again. But, if anyone can help 
me with this issue, or have any suggestions, I'd really like to hear them.


Thank you all for trying to help.

Very much appreciated.


Roger Bachelder



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