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  • Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 16:48:30 -0600

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  Subject: Reintroduction

  Hi Friends,
    Recently I changed E Mail addresses to a Bluebottle account address. I 
didn't realize the hassle it would cause in the added traffic from the 
verification E Mails that were sent out and for this I apologize. I did the 
same thing to the Blind Computer users list, also ( Guess I owe them an apology 
too ). My question for you now is I can't remember the address to sine up for 
the Blind Computer Users list, so if any one knows of that address would you be 
so kind as to send it to me, please, it would be greatly appreciated. Again, I 
hope you'll except my apology and that we'll be able to continue to help each 
other out with any questions we may encounter.

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