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  • Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 22:30:01 +0100

WOW sounds like you had fun! Joking honestly there's nothing worse when 
installing a update only to find that it doesn't work or something is broken in 
a programme etc. Thanks for the Backup lesson! I'll bare it in mind! Next time 
when I get a programme I'll save the file.exe to my harddrive for future 
reference. funny enough I have actually got the file programme of WLM 2009 on 
my computer just in case anything happens!

From: Farfar Carlson 
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 10:19 PM
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Subject: Re: Question to Dave


When I went back to 12.0.525 after the disaster with 12.0.1158 I had to remove 
JAWS 12 completely and fortunately still had JAWS 11.0.1476 on my machine to 
use in the interim.

I then located my previous downloaded 12.0.525 and did a clean install. Then I 
copied all my settings\enu files that I had backed up before the disaster to 
get back to a better place. Key points:

1. Did not use any activations since this is the same computer.
2. Always download the various revisions and keep them safe on your computer or 
an external device for later use.
3. Always, always, always, always back up all your user settings files before 
installing the next revision of JAWS, just in case.

Composed on a Dell Latitude 630 in the general vicinity of my Audio Recording 
and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area.
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  Hi Dave, just cureious when yu went back to the current version of V12, 
because of the thing you didn't like with excel, I was just wondering about 
  When one does that do they have to lituarly uninstall there jaws version then 
update to the current version that is given through the automatic update 
feature or just do a check for updates to find it again. Also this is what I 
want to be careful with when you went back did you have to use one of your keys 
that you get with the product. 
  In anycase I don't use excel and I have not moved from the current version I 
would rather wait until it becomes a release. 

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