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  • Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 17:39:03 -0700


After I add all my songs I press finish and it takes me back to the mane 
screen.  I can tab to a list of songs I have ready to burn and check them for 
accuracy.  I am not sure about the hotkey you have mentioned but it seems easy 
enough to tab to the list of songs to be burned.

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  I hope someone who uses Nero 6 will answer this inquiry, because I'm really 
surprised that so many find it accessible with Jaws.  My instructor put 5.5 on 
my computer but I had to take it out and I tried a demo of 6 before deciding to 
ask him to put 5.5 back on.  What I found, and maybe this was just because it 
was a demo ... don't know ... was that Nero 6 took away the option of being 
able to see both your windows--the one that the songs go on to and the one 
where your song folder is located.  In other words, with 5.5 you can toggle 
using control one or control f6 and you know for sure that the track you want 
to add has been added.  With 6 you find the track and hit control 1 but then 
you can't verify whether your track got in because you don't have the control 
f6 option.  In other words you're still in your music folder so you can keep 
selecting songs and hitting control one but you can't see your compilation 
list.  So how, without just taking it on faith that you got the songs and go 
ahead and burning the disc, can you see only your compilation?  Certainly it 
makes selecting easier because you don't have to do the control f6, but I guess 
I like doing that because when I use that key combo I can find the song and 
then when it's added I can go through my list and make sure everything's in.  
Wouldn't mind upgrading if I knew how you work around this.  Thanks.

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