RE: Question about first version of JAWS

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  • Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2010 16:19:23 +0100

Interesting Post, I know windows xp was out when I bought my first computer
a few years ago, but when I had to spend a few days in hospital, before I
had thought of buying a pc,  a gentleman aged 95 years was brought in, a bit
dazed from broken femur, and he was totally blind, we were all in one ward
you see due to local hospital  being in a bitof a mess,he said he used
Dos,and liked it very much and not going to change to that"new fangled
stuff,so obviously doss did still work and an article I heard on a magazine
said up until windows 98 all computers  were still dos based,so Jaws must
have worked then withdos based technology of course the article could have
been wrong in a Mag called Computer active over in uk dorothy


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I started with Artic Winvision, switched to a 60-day timed evaluation of
JAWS 1.21 in the summer of 1996, went back to Artic Winvision for a while,
then switched back to JAWS when I upgraded my old Windows 3.1 box to Windows
95 in April 1997.  So I guess the version that I first owned was JAWS 2.0.
For synthesizers, I used an Artic TransPort mainly, but I liked the old
DoubleTalk, too.   





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I first began using JAWS for DOS and JAWS for Windows 3 back in 1995. I'm
not sure what the version numbers were, but I think JFW 2.something. BTW: I
joined this group back when it was hosted by a university in Australia. (any
of you old-timers remember this?)



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