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Do you guys think that Freedom Scientific would consider the below information 
to enable more individuals to be able to purchase Jaws? It is working! Many are 
GW Micro has a program where you can pay $100 per month to purchase the Window 
Eyes Screen Reader.until it is paid for. Each month you send in your $100,
you get a temporary key. At the end of the lease period, you will receive the 
complete program on CD, via mail. You can also include Sma's in your lease
purchase agreement. You can get your code each month by internet, or phone. 
They are also working to perfect the Jaws layout, which is keeping people who
are Jaws users from being totally lost once they make the switch, or are just 
trying it out. 
What made me even try out this optional Screen Reader? Well, Think about it. I 
don't want to put that amount on my card to update, or purchase Jaws. Many
do not have the funds to just purchase Jaws straight out. GWMicro has addressed 
this problem, and are getting a great response from the blind members of
Secondly, the implementation of the Jaws layout which is already available in 
their product makes a jaws user who can't afford to upgrade or purchase jaws
take a look at this program. Although, as of yet, the jaws layout is not 
perfected, they are aggressively working to perfect it, and the blind community
is excited about it. 
Thirdly, they really to listen to their customers, and even current Jaws users. 
Between GWMicro, and the built-in speech in the latest MAC OS, the customer
base of Freedom Scientific is slowly, but surely shrinking rapidly! 
I must say that Jaws is an excellent Screen Reader, but I would not even 
consider switching, and neither would others, if these concerns were addressed!
Freedom Scientific has the reputation of not really caring about their customer 
base. I do not totally agree with this, but that is the reputation which
you guys have. 
If you give GWMicro a taste of their own medicine by including their layout as 
an option in Jaws, and the lease-purchase option, then Freedom Scientific
will be a better and more viable company. Listen to the blind community and 
Thank you kindly:

Awaiting his return:

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