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Thanks Jully. I'm a first time user of skype. I know nothing of the Jaws 
commands, or anything like that. My skype name is rj.sandefur How would I put 
your skype name in? Thanks RJ
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  I would also love to know about JAWS 7 and Skype.  I have used the combo of 
JAWS 7 and Skype.  The problem is that each time you download Skype you get 
their up-dated version.   You then have to figure out how to execute certain 
commands in a different way.  My Skype still works but I can not figure out how 
to add a new contact.  If any one out there knows how to add a contact please 
let me know.  When I am in the new contact option I can not seem to navigate to 
the area that will allow me to enter the phone number.  It does not seem to 
have a box for name and a box for number.  Thanks



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  I have Jaws 7.0, Are their any Patches I can download, and I've also 
downloaded Skype. Does this program work with Jaws? RJ

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