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Would you be so kind as to send me a copy of that document?

I would sure appreciate it.

Cy, The Anasazi,




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Just a thought from someone who spends too many hours each day listening to
synthesized speech. A pronunciation error like that wouldn't even phase me
because I've been hearing mistakes like that forever. I personally feel that
for those who have been using any screen-reader for many years will also not
have any problems understanding that. Also, in my case, I have punctuation
turned off completely, so I don't hear the left and right paren
announcements when I recreate your example, and A is pronounced correctly.
So, depending on what punctuation levels are being used, this may make a
difference as well.


I completely agree with the person who suggested using styles to indicate
the different levels of text too. This also lets users go into a virtual
mode where navigation between the different headings then becomes available.
It makes moving around through large documents very quick and easy. If
you're unfamiliar with how to use styles in Word, I've got a document that I
used to hand out that explains how to use them. This document is best for
Word 2003 or 2002. Good luck.




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    I am planning on distributing a Word document to some of our customers
some of whom will be using Jaws to read the document.  I am new to Jaws and
am not sure how to deal with pronunciation of certain punctuation.  This
document is organized into sections which are crucial to the meaning of the
document.  Once example is a section I which has subsections (a) and (b).
When Jaws reads these subsections it pronounces them as follows, "left paren
ah right paren."  Can I leave this text as it is or would it be better to
change it somehow so that it is pronounced more clearly?


Thanks for you help.



Derek Binkley

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