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If they are experienced users of JAWS, then they will be used to JAWS speaking 
parenthesis as you described in your original post.

As for the letter A, there is nothing you can do to improve the pronunciation 
of that letter, because it will depend upon whether the individual has added an 
entry to the pronunciation dictionary, to change the way JAWS  says the first 
letter of the alphabet.


Dave Durber

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      I am planning on distributing a Word document to some of our customers 
some of whom will be using Jaws to read the document.  I am new to Jaws and am 
not sure how to deal with pronunciation of certain punctuation.  This document 
is organized into sections which are crucial to the meaning of the document.  
Once example is a section I which has subsections (a) and (b).  When Jaws reads 
these subsections it pronounces them as follows, "left paren ah right paren."  
Can I leave this text as it is or would it be better to change it somehow so 
that it is pronounced more clearly?

  Thanks for you help.

  Derek Binkley

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