Problems with comments in Word 2003 - editing, creating, etc

  • From: "Arthur Spiry" <aspiry@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 11:15:18 -0700

Attempting to create, edit, or otherwise navigate through comments in Word
is driving me nuts! I'm a law student and so have to use some more
complicated features of my applications. In this case Word within office
2003. I not only received bunches of comments on my work from professors,
but need to use comments both in my reading, and in my interaction with
peers and professors.


I'm using the latest version of JFW 10, and also the 11 Beta version. 

What works: the windows; stroke is great in 11 and makes reviewing existing
comments very nice. The cntrl-shft-'to list comments is also useful to get
to them in the doc.

What doesn't work:

This is as far as easy with comments apparently goes however. When I use a
stroke like ctl-alt-m to create a comment, JAWS takes me to never never
land, wont' speak what I'm inputting into the comment, nor does it allow me
to navigate around in the comment with speech to edit or check what I type.
Getting out of that window is a bit goofy too, rather than simply alt-c,
I've got to use alt-ctl-c (or other way around depending on the mood of the
dang thing) to escape. And then the escape from never never land is not
complete. I find myself back in a document in Web view rather than normal or
print view where I previously existed, and the View menu shows all the view
options grayed out. For god sake arrg! So far the only way out of this trap
door is to close word and reopen the thing in my preferred view. 

The same fall into the looking glass happens when I try (god forbid) to go
back to a previously created comment and click the left button on it and
select edit comment. Back into never land and no easy way out. an apparently
no way to edit the damn comment either (at least with any sense I can use). 


If anyone has some info, answers, salvation, etc on this issue to offer
please have at it. I'll be ever grateful.



Bill Spiry


Juris Doctor Candidate 2012


University of Oregon School of Law


(541) 510-2623




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