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Hello, Angel:

I found the same thing when I clicked on the link you provided. I could not 
read any of the content and the b key says there are no buttons on the page. 
Have you sent an e-mail to the address that is on the page to tell him there is 
a problem with the web pages accessibility. It may be possible they are not 
aware that there WebPages are not accessible to people who are using a screen 
reader. It is just a thought. I did not see a link for the web master so 
thought that maybe you could send an e-mail to the link that is provided 
letting him know about the problem. They should have their information 
available to the people they are supposed to serve and it isn't. I hope you get 
this problem resolved real soon and are able to read the contents of the annual 

"The chief handicap of the blind is not blindness, but the attitude of
>seeing people towards them."
>- Helen Keller, 1925

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  I went up to the NAC home page just to read their annual report, and to 
determine which were their members.  There were no links, only buttons, on the 
page, with the exception of the e-mail address of the executive director.  When 
clicking on any button, the item to which the button refers is never brought 
up.  I am using jaws 8 on an xp machine.  I also press the letter b to 
determine whether, in truth, there were buttons on the page, and jaws said 
there were none.  How does one read the things indicated by the buttons.  The 
address of the page is
  You would think if this is an acredetiting counsel for agencies serving the 
visually impaired, it's web page should be able to be read by those whom it's 
accredited agencies serve?

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