Re: Problem with JAWS and Links

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  • Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 12:07:43 -0500

Hi Adrian,

It seemed to become more prominent in JAWS 12.  I have also encountered this in 
JAWS 10 but not as much.  With JAWS 12 it happens on a lot of web pages.

Anyway, thanks to all that have responded.  I will try each of these 

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  I'm wondering why this behavior has just started, as you seem to suggest. Is 
it across the board or only on certain websites or pages?

  In addition to insert-F7, the quick key l and the key combo control-enter, 
you might try JAWS's simulated right mouse click button, which is the star key 
on the numpad. This brings up a menu of several options for how to handle a 
link, such as opening in a new tab. (On my system, the applications key doesn't 
duplicate this function.) I also find sometimes that instead of pressing the 
right mouse button, clicking the left mouse button clicks on the link.

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  Hi All,

  Recently I've noticed that when I go to links on web pages that JAWS does not 
go into the links that I specify. Has any of you had this problem, and if so, 
how do you correct it?

  Thanks in advance.

  Robbie J. Curtis essence64@xxxxxxxxxxxxx "Upgrade Your Gray Matter, 'Cause 
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