Re: Problem Reading Print Dialog in Internet Explorer with JFW 6.1

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Usually in that situation, I just hit enter and the document prints. He might 
want to hit Jaws key E to find out what the default button is. If it is OK, 
then he can just hit enter.
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Subject: Problem Reading Print Dialog in Internet Explorer with JFW 6.1

Hello All:

I've got a client that is having an interesting problem.  He's running
Internet Explorer Version 6.0 and JAWS 6.1.  What will happen is that he
goes to the internet.  If he wants to print what is on a web page and
presses ctrl-P to do it, JAWS will say "Print dialog general page,"
followed by the printer that is the default printer.  So far, so good.
If he presses tab to go to the print button, he hears "options page,"
followed by "print all link documents check box not checked."  It's like
he presses ctrl-tab, but he has just pressed the tab key.  It's almost
like his sticky keys or something is turned on, but this only happens in
Internet Explorer.  We've tried maximizing the window, changing various
settings in the advanced page under internet options, and bumping up the
screen resolution to see if JAWS reads things better.  Nothing has

Again, it's like the control sticks in the down position, but it only
happens in Internet Explorer.  Anyone have any ideas?  We haven't tried
simply pressing control key again, but even if that works, why would the
control appear to stick like it does?


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