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I also used Outspoken in the early 90s.

You are almost correct, Outspoken made the Mac *almost* useable. (LOLLOLLOL)

Compared to what we have today it was very basic to say the least.

That is actually why I migrated to the DOS/Windows machines. I believe the
first speech software I used on a DOS machine was Artic and used a
Symphonics 215 speech board. It was also pretty limited but better than

I wish I had the guts to just switch back to a Mac and leave all this W7,
JAWS 11 and so on behind. (LOL)

Cy, The Anasazi.


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Actually this is not accurate. I was using a Macintosh back in 1991 by using
a screen-reader app named "OutSpoken" which was produced by Berkley Systems.
This was years before Apple introduced their own built-in screen-reader app
in OS X, and after they did, it killed off all the third-party screen-reader




Alex M wrote:

"No blind person could use it until Apple
themselves coded a built-in screen reader."

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