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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 20:48:54 -0400

The f5 key stroke puts powerpoint into presentation mode. You need to be in
slide mode so do not hit the f5 key stroke when you open power point.  Once
the file is loaded use the tab to move between objects on the slide, you can
hit enter to get into an object where you can edit the information, escape
moves you  out of the object so you can tab to the next object.  Page down
and page up will move you from slide to slide.

Robert McCoy

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Dear all,
One of you wrote yesterday:

Hi Andrew,

By pressing the TAB key in PowerPoint you can jump from object to object.

Once landed on the object you want to change press F2 to enter Edit mode.

Now you can change your text.

Once done press Escape to quit Edit mode.

Now press TAB again to jump to the next object.

Once all objects are changed press PageDown to move to the next slide.


However, I do not know how to open power point for it to do that. I normally
press the applications key and select the show option and press the space
bar to listen to the different slides. I did that and pressed F2 on the text
but I could not change it. I could read it and move from letter to letter,
word to word, but not change it. Should I enter the presentation in a
different manner for the above instructions to work or am I doing something
else wrong?


Cheers all of you and cheers to the person who gave me the preveious
indications in such a clear way. You are all great!



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