Re: PowerBraille and JAWS

  • From: Moti Azrad <motia@xxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 18:22:38 +0300

Michel and all,

You are right and I can add more here.
FS decided not to support some other Braille displays. I'm using Baum 
SuperVario40 and in Jaws11 Beta, I can not use its special driver as I used 
with Jaws 10, 9 Etc.
I wrote to Freedomscientific support team and to Eric Damery but I didn't 
get any respond or suggestion to solution yet.
Hope FS will do it soon.
It's really a big problem and I don't think that FS is going to do things 
that may prevent blind PC users to use their other Braille displays.
Any output here is greatly appreciated.



Moti Azrad
Musician & Piano Tuner

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  Subject: PowerBraille and JAWS

  Hi, all,

  Just so you know: This morning, while I was installing JAWS  11 Beta at 
the office, I got a very bad surprise: The PowerBraille 80 is no longer 
supported through the serial port, but through the parallel port only. I'm 
already using a Braille printer through my unique parallel port. I wouldn't 
be surprised this would be the same for the PowerBraille 40. The next 
computer generation will not have anymore parallel port. I'm very upset at 
that Freedom Scientific decision.


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