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did you get the emule program and scripts I sent you if so please let me no     
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  Thank you for your response.  I checked the url you gave me, it looks to be 
the write address, but I am confused as to what version to down load as there 
is lots of stuff on that web page.  Are you using the software, and then you 
pay a monthly fee? Or did you get the free one?  Please help!!


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  Hi Michael,


  I use Soulseek. I think the web address is: 

  It displays the names of files and if your mouse is in the right place on the 
screen, you can route Jaws PC curser to the Jaws curser by pressing the plus 
sign on the number keypad. When you are in the file list, you can use the right 
mouse button to select the song you wish to download and then hit enter. I hope 
all that makes sense. Let me know if it doesn't. I used Bear share and I didn't 
like it either. Soul Seek is pretty accessible with Jaws.




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    Hi I am looking for a good peer to peer program for down loading mp3's, I 
know there was lots of talk on the list at one time, but I don't seem to have 
any of those messages, so I am looking to bring back that topic for input.  I 
have used Bareshare in the past but never liked how there was an issue with 
displaying the full name of a file, it always x., is there something better?

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