Re: Outlook Express Service Change

  • From: "Stefano Manzi" <st.manzi@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 10:19:09 +0200

Windows Live Mail is difficult to use and, despite a narrow collaboration 
between Microsoft, Freedom Scientific, the Italian Subvision and OSI Commission 
representants, this new client has more inaccessibility than positive changes!
It's too easy to promote a new product with well-done spots and seducing 
e-mails to persuade customers in updating, but I always keep the distance 
letting others to test and then say: I had a problem, ignore that software!
Something I dislike is the fact of editing a message.
First of all, to compose an HTML message is no longer possibile even with JAWS 
8 and later. Also using the beautiful but unstable Windows Vista, which I read 
on the Zeus News magazine, now with its new update pack is creating troubles 
for managing USB devices!
Anyway, apart from the sophisticated HTML format that allows to put sounds and 
images in a mail, also the simple text format now becomes complicated because 
to write a message in Windows Live Mail is the same while being in an 
inaccessible web mail with edit fields on which press Enter to write into them, 
and so on something else I can't remember but I prefer my Outlook Express 6 and 
Windows XP!

There would be two ways for a workaround in keeping on accessing hotmail box.

1. Always using Outlook Express.
Download and install freepops, an open source multi-language interface that 
fetches mails from web servers and sends it in Outlook Express.
On their web site:
you can find documentations, guides, download and so on.

2. Using an external program.
Download and install pop peeper. Simply configurable, allows to read mails of 
many providers including hotmail and msn, without needing Microsoft Mail Client.
For example, using pop peeper, I manage by reading and sending mails with my box... which, in Italy, via Outlook Express cannot be accessed 
unless to make an expensive monthly payment!

For troubles and other explanations, I'm here available.



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