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Hi Steve & Shannon,

Try the steps below.  I find using the second suggestion easier.
Your Outlook Express address book is stored in a file called the wab file.
To find your address book, go to find on your start menu and type in *.wab.
This will locate your wab file which is your address book.  To save the
book, copy your wab file.
You can also save your address book in the following manner.
Bring up your address book with control shift B.  Do an
alt f for the file menu.  Arrow down and hit enter on export.  Then hit
enter on address book.  A standard save as dialog will begin.  It will want
a file name, you should give it an extension of wab.  For example.
copyabook.wab.  You can shift tab back to the save in combo box and pick a
folder where you want to save the file just like usual.  Then tab to the
save button and hit enter.  When you want to import it to your other
computer, follow the same steps, except choose import instead of export from
the file menu.  Hope this has helped.  Take care.

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  Does anyone know how to export the address book from Outlook Express? 
Thanks in advance for your help.

  Steve & Shannon
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