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  • Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 09:18:34 -0400

Hi Cher,
Yes, exactly the same experience here.
Also, my memory tells me that when I first started using 2003 it didn't
work like this; when you closed it it closed fully.  I think one of the
later patches must have changed this.
It seems to me I found a configuration option in outlook 2003 that said
it controlled this behavior, but when I disabled it so that it should
close fully, it didn't seem to have any effect.


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        This seems to be normal for the 2003 version.  The program runs
in the system tray until you reboot and continues to receive messages.
It makes sense that you would not need to put in a password again,
because the program has never really closed.  I often close the active
window and re-open it several times before rebooting.  However, after
initially launching Outlook 2003, my hot key will not re-activate the
program and I have to go to either the start menu or the desktop icon to
see the window again.  I cannot seem to do anything with the Outlook
menu in the system tray.  I know another person with 2003 with the same
experience.  I am curious if everyone running the 2003 version has the
same experience.  2002 did not exhibit any of these behaviors.

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