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  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 11:18:00 -0500

Hello DJ,


It's been a while since I ran Omni page Pro 14, but I think I can be of some
assistance.  I'm currently running version 17 pro.


You can use it several ways:


1.       You can acquire text into your word processor or other program; or,

2.        You can use Omni page to scan process and read the document.

For option 2:


1.       Press Alt plus P to activate the process menu.

2.        Arrow down to the Get option and open the sub menu.  Make sure
that the option for acquiring the image via the scanner is selected.

3.        Press Alt plus P again to activate the process and arrow back to
the Get option, press enter twice and the scanner should begin to scan.

4.       . If prompted to continue or stop scanning, select the appropriate

5.        Press Alt plus P again and arrow down to the OCR option and press
enter twice to initiate the OCR.

6.        Now you can make corrections or select the option for  accepting
the document as is.

7.        Alt plus P and arrow down to the option for saving and take it
from there.

If you'd like some help with the other option, we can arrange a call to talk
you through it.  My contact information is below.


Richard P. Kelly



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Hello All,


I'm using JAWS11 with Omni Page Pro version 14.  I've had this app for a
long time, but am just now beginning to use it for scanning documents for
reading in a word processor.  I'm not real clear on how to do this
successfully.  I can scan a document, but I can't seem to export into
another program, or save as a Word document, or anything else once I've
scanned.  The document is saved as an OPD document already.  Can somebody
please put me on the right track?  I'm either doing something wrong, or just
missing something.  Proper steps from start to finish would be very helpful.
Thank you.




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