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Do you find that OmniPage Pro's OCR is better than the one used by OpenBook?
I've been using OpenBook for a number of years, but, never have been very
satisfied with its OCR.  I thought it was due to my inability to get the
settings correct.

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Open the onmie program and go and find the prefferances for the program and
or the scanner and tell it you wish to scan a new doc when using word. It is
set up to look for a pre scanned image by defalt.
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I'm a new member.  I've been using Open Book for many years.  It seemed the
path of least resistance.  If you are blind, you use Open Book.  I was never
entirely pleased with it and a friend who is a computer access trainer for
the VA suggested Omni Page Pro v.16.  It allows you to go directly to any
of about a dozen programs which you have selected.  A menu item has
appeared, in MS Word, for example, which tells the program to "acquire text
from Omni Page".  I had my first version installed by an IT guy and it
worked like a dream.  I could just click on that menu item, the document
would be  scanned and it would appear in Word in .doc format.  It was fast
and extremely accurate.  I've set it up on my home pc and when I click on
that command I get a box asking me to select a document already on my pc.
I've been tinkering with it all weekend to no avail.  If anyone has any
experience with this OCR program, I would be extremely grateful for any

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