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Just use the same commands as you would have done for office 2007.  If you
only used 203, a few commands to get you started are: alt+n for insert menu,
alt+h for home and alt+p for page layout.  If you don't want to use jaws 12,
remember to tab rather than pressing the arrows if you want to look through
the menus.  The alf+f for the file menu is the sme, but the options may have
changed from 2003 to 2010, I honestly can't remember, seeing as I moved from
2007 to 2010 and rarely use office 2003 at work.  


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Hello All,


My work place just went to Office 2010  and I am using JAWS 11. Where can I
find what keystrokes to navigate around  the ribbons or is a way to get them
to appear as the old menus?


I do not want to go to JAWS 12 yet. 






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