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While Scarlet Ribbons may well run through her hair we are tearing ours out.

Cy, the Anasazi


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Yes, I would bet on Microsoft adding more ribbons as they progress, so
surely Outlook would now be all ribbons, scarlet ribbons, scarlet ribbons,
through her hair...sorry  just got caught up in an old song.




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In outlook, you should be able to press control 2 to get to your calendar
and control 3 for your contacts - and then control 1 to get back to your
emails. Odd that the normal menu system doesn't work, you shouldn't have
ribbons when you're in the inbox - when you're in a message, yes, but when
you're in the main folder system you should have 

File, Edit, View, Go (which is how else you get to your calendar/contacts
etc) then tools and then actions and then help ... 

But I'm working with w7 and office 2007 and outlook 2007 so perhaps 2010 is

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                Hi all,


I've just gotten the new computer up and running W7 and Office 2010.
Needless to say, I'm pretty overwhelmed with all the changes. Just a couple
of quick questions right now.


Does anyone know how to get JAWS to access Contacts and Calendar in Outlook
2010? I can see them at the bottom left of the screen, but I've tabbed all
over and F6's all over, and can't get to them. I've been through ribbons ,
which are only applicable to whatever section of Outlook is open at the
moment, which is usually mail for me. I can't figure it out.


Also, my "read all" command does not seem to work in e-mail. I have to arrow
down through messages to read them.


And finally, although I have JAWS verbosity set to intermediate, everytime I
arrow up to a new message it says"to move to an item press the arrow keys"
before it tells me about the message. This will really drive me crazy.


Thanks! Bonnie


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I'm just replying to this list to help others know about the Olympus

Check the BlindCoolTech Podcast at

There you will find some podcast about them.

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I recognize that this is indeed OT, but I've unsubscribed from the other
lists (I am going on extended travel), so please accept my apologies, but.


If anyone has any information on the accessibility of this device I would
appreciate it.


You may reach me at; gbgray@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you.




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To get rid of Expanded announcement when reading mail:



1.      Press alt+V to enter view menu. 

2.  Press Enter on Current View.

3.  Uncheck Group messages by conversation box.

Bill White billwhite92701@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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 dear List I have just downloaded the latest patchor update on my old laptop
first wanting to leave windows 7 until morning, it was very fast but on
reloading keeps saying expanded all the time I know this is the view menu
and in xp Outlook express e is very easily upset but I have forgotten the
right keys to stop it I pressed one that seemed possible and it then said
"collapsed please remindme how to correct it  on the xp Oe  laptop there is
nothing more irritating than the view menu going wrong dorothy

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