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My, this brings back a memory from long, long ago.

One set of words were those which had the "ae" spelling inb names such as
Greek names.

I thought this problem had gone away long about JAWS 8.

Cy, The Anasazi

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I'm guessing you are using Eloquence for speech.  Try changing synthesizers
and see if that works.  There were some words reported in the past that
would crash Eloquence but I don't have a list of them now.




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I have a student who uses JAWS in our lab.  We are running v. 11.  She is
taking a creative writing class with a lot of peer-editing, and she brings
in the papers she gets in class, which I either scan or retype for her and
give her in Word format (2003 or 2007, we run both in the lab).


Yesterday she came in with two poems.  They were very short so I typed them
up for her, saved them to a flash drive, and she opened Jaws to read them.
The first poem read just fine, no problems, and she made her notes and saved
them.  The second poem, however, causes the computer to immediately crash
and reboot!  I retyped the poem, put it on a different flash drive with a
completely different file name.  It crashed again.  I retyped the poem and
put it on the server, and opened it from there.  The computer crashed again!


I'm thinking the problem is with the words in the poem now. I can't think
it's anything else!  This is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen happen
with JAWS.  I once had this problem in a text-to-speech program I was using
(it was low-end tech), and once I found the phrase that killed the TTS
program and remove it from the document, I was able to move on, but in this
case, I just don't know what to do.  Just opening the file seems to be
enough to crash the computer, or if we get it open, letting Jaws start
reading crashes it.  I get errors on the error log, but they are


Anyone run into this?  Anyone brave enough to try this poem on their install
of JAWS and see what happens?  I'll be happy to put it in text in an email
for you, or send you the original Word file (in this case it's 2003 but I
can save it as docx as well).  Thanks for any help.


Susan Kelmer

Adaptive Technology Specialist/

Lab Coordinator, Campus Labs and Classrooms

St. Louis Community College - Meramec




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