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Hi I forgot to say thank you.
Ann Marie

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  Hello Anne Marie


  1.       Press Control N to start the message to your contacts.

  2.        Open the address book.  

  3.        Tab to the list of contacts and use Control plus Shift plus End to 
select all contacts.

  4.        Tab to the BCC button and press the space bar so the recipients 
will not see all of your contacts information.

  5.        Tab to the OK button and press the spacebar

  6.        Tab to the BCC field and verify that all have been added.

  7.        Tab to the subject field and fill it out.

  8.        Tab to the message area and type your message.

  9.        Send it.

  If you need further assistance, let me know.



  Richard P. Kelly



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  I am changing my email address and want to send a message to everyone in my 
address book.  Does anyone know how to do this?

  I use latest Jaws and Windows XP proWindows 6.x

  Thank you,



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