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  • From: "Winstone Smith" <info.rczenterprise@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 20:40:48 -0700

 Hello Stephen!

Please try this way,
1. Go to control panel.
2. Look for Task bar and start menu.
3. In the Task bar page, press your tab key and look for the check box that 
says, "Group similar task bar buttons check box".
4. Once you found it, press check the check box using your space bar.
5. Once you are done, press your tab key again and look for the Notification 
6. Look for the check box that says, "Hide enactive icons check box".
7. If it is checked by default, please uncheck it.  Pressing your space bar 
will do it for you.
8. Look for the Ok button and hit your space bar.
9. Try to move around to your notification area and let me know what happen.

Hope This Helps

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  From: Stephen Faill 
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  Subject: Notification Area

  hello list.

  when i close down an application and i am back on the desk top, when i tab 
around to the system tray jaws will announce "notification area system tray" 
and will not let me arrow through the icons there.

  now if i press the tab key another 4 times to wrap back around to the system 
tray it still says this.

  the only way i can get jaws to announce the system tray properly is to press 
windows key m to go to the desk top and then root jaws to pc and tab another 4 
times and then then switch back to the pc cursor.

  now when i tab along the system tray seems to be accessible.

  i know that i can use the jaws key f 11 to access the system tray but i 
prefer to tab around on the desk top.

  does anyone have any ideas on how i can resolve this problem?

  all help appreciated.


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