RE: Nicol Oosthuizin, Good Morning

  • From: "Nicol Oosthuizen" <NOosthuizen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 15:46:13 +0200

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No problem andy.

I tried so many times to ask  the  I t people at my work to put the
e-mail  disclaimer at the  bottom of messages as blind people battle to
read mail if its at the top.

Well actually I can't see why it's a problem but some blind people, not
pointing to you, complains about the legal notice at the top, such as on
the jaws scripting list.

The I t people say that it's the company's policy to keep it at the top.

But its very easy; just press control+down arrow once  and you are in
the actual message.

Let me tell you: I am subscribed to a list called  e-mail ministry and
at the top of each of their messages is a passage:

The following is an e-mail ministry message; to find out more about
e-mail ministry see the bottom of this message.

So I also receive messages often with the same piece at  the top, so I
think its easy to skip that.

Just hit control+down arrow.

I just thought of explaining myself.

If  it was within my  ability I would have long already did something
about the disclaimer.



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High Nicol, My name is Andy.  The email that has the subject, stop watch
that works with Jaws, I'm sari for what I said about your email legal
notice.  I did not know that there was a stop watch in Jaws until you
told me.  Thank you for the help, and I'm sari.  culmerandy@xxxxxxxxxxx 

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