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?Yes, the mouse will go extinct in a couple of years. But is going to be 
replaced by those dammed touch screens. I really hope that microsoft will keep 
the keyboards and learn from apple on what to do with a touch screen (who am I 
kidding, microsoft won't do anything like the sort when it comes to touch 
screens, I mean narrator is as old as the sun and it still stinks).

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I had a MicroSoft tech tell me that the mouse will be phased out in a few years.


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  Hello Friends,
  This is very interesting.
  I have no such sighted friends, they all think it is a bit "Weird" that I 
listen instead of using my eyes, but now remember Science Fiction is the window 
to the future and with that in mind

    Star Trek:

    Captain Kirk:

    "Computer Working"
    "How long till we reach Vulcan"
    "We shal reach Vulcan in 23 hours 12 minutes and 14 seconds"!"


    Yep, just around the cornner I am sure and keyboards will be a thing of the 

    With Best Regards,
    Miami, Florida
    Alan Dicey, President
    United States Braille Chess Association - USBCA
    "Yes, Blind and Visually Impaired People, Can, and Do, Play Chess!"
    United States Braille Chess Association Home Page:

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    Hello list:

    This just happened recently. I have a friend that used to taunt me because 
since I have jaws on my computer I could just sit back and relax while jaws 
spoke everything on the screen and he needed to read everything instead. Well, 
that changed a couple of weeks ago. I told him about the demo of jaws and guess 
what. He is sighted and yet he is using jaws everyday now on his computer. He 
says, it is faster and cooler than just reading on his computer. Also, he says 
that is is easier on his eyes. Also, he uses eloquence. That is wierder still 
because 99.9999999% of all my sighted collegues hate eloquence and prefer the 
real speak voices. Now he is almost as fluent with jaws as I. He also has 
eloquence at a rate faster than mine. I am telling you this because, when 
sighted peaple see how useful is jaws, they want to try it out and when they 
do, they don't think that it is weird at all.

    Finally, don't get me started on what he thinks about the virtual ribbons. 
He says (and again, remember that he is sighted) that that feature is a messege 
from God itself.


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