New to the list and needed opinions on something.

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  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 14:38:15 -0500


I'm new to the list!  I'm a partial going blind due to RP.  I currently use 
both Jaws and Zoom Text.  ZT on the desk top and Jaws on my pacmate.  My 
main hobby as of current is website design.  I am currently working on a 
website devoted to the blind and visually impaired.  Check it out!  I'll 
provide the url here in a second.  My website's 2 key features is the chat 
room and boards.  The boards I'm not too worried about, but we lack members. 
  And I'm unsure if it's due to those who can't use jaws well with it or 
what.  The chat program is a downloadable .exe file.  I am currently looking 
for a scriptor who can download the program from my site, look it over for 
flaws and script the program.  it is a very nice chat program but people 
prefer chat rooms like IVocalize, or Chatterbox which I cannot afford for 
either one.  And I tried Ventrilo and I couldn't host my server due to the 
fact I was a dial up user.  So if anyone's willing to help me out on the 
chat room dilima great.  And take note that all of my features are jaws 
friendly as I had a few people run the site with jaws and I too did tests.  
If it wasn't workable with Jaws it got taken off the site.  So my main 
reason here is to gain info and meet new people.


If the url doesn't work go to this url:


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