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  • From: "Lic. Esperanza Villafuerte" <esperanza.villafuerte@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 21:14:54 -0500

Hello Diane! this is Esperanza from Peru South America, spanish speaker, I am 
using JAWS 9 & XP system, so same you feel me surprise many things people do 
with JAWS, I think it depends on the diversity of their activities, I think 
needs and urgency make the best learning.
Best regards.

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  From: Dianne B. Phelps 
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  Subject: New member of list...

  I am a new member of the JFW list, though I have been a JAWS user since late 
1999. I still find many things I don't know how to do and friends are always 
showing me something I had no idea of how to work. I thought being on this list 
might teach me a few more tricks.


  I am using JAWS 11 with  Windows 7 and have been all right for the most part. 
I look forward to reading posts from other members who are doing various things 
with their computers and JAWS.


  Dianne B. Phelps,

  Napa, California

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