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Hi John,
Thanks so much for your reply. I am totally at a loss. I've been uisng JAWS for 
a long time -- nearly 20 years. I followed your steps exactly. Flash recognize 
is on with the audible page loaded. Pressing B takes me to the button but 
neither space nor enter activates the button. Could another setting be 


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  While in,
  1. press insert plus v
  2. type fl for flash movie recognize on
  3. if it is not, press space to set recognize on.
  4. press enter to save that setting.
  5. press b to find one or more flash buttons.
  6. when you reach the desired button, press space.
  I just tested this on Audible, and it worked. 
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    My name is Karen. If anyone can help with this question, I'd appreciate it.

    On a variety of web sites JAWS says:

    Flash Movie Start
    (button I want to activate)
    and then
    Flash Movie End

    My sighted husband can come in, use the mouse and click the button yet no 
matter how hard I try using virtual, PC and mouse cursor, I can't activate the 

    Examples of what I'm talking about:

    On many of the book selections have "sample" button so that a 
small section of the book can be heard. These sample of book buttons are 
surrounded, according to JAWS with "Flash Movie Start" and :"Flash Movie End". 


    Thank you.

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