Re: New Version of audibleManager and New Scripts

  • From: "Nermin Hasic" <voy44@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:49:15 +0100

Hi Yardbird,

sorry for the confusion I created here.
The two ways I described are two different ways of achieving the same result.
One way is locating the .jss files with windows explorer, pressing enter on the desired file, which launches the Script Manager. The other way is opening the Script Manager directly, by pressing JAWSKey+0.
The advantage - and now we get to the misunderstanding - of doing this from within Audible manager, the correct scripts should open directly, without your intervention.
Cause, whenever you open script manager from within an application, the corresponding script files are opened for that application.
If script files already exist, those are opened. If there are no previous files, JAWS will open a new file with the name of the application's executable for you, making it possible to start scripting.

Insert+F2 is not for recompiling the scripts, it is a keystroke for your convenience, which displays a list of available JAWS managers.
And in that list, you will also find the Script Manager, again, another method to envoke it, nothing more.
You recompile scripts with control+s.
I told you to look for another script file with the .jss extension because I did not remember if the scripts have just one .jss file, or two, or how many it were.

Hope I was more specific this time.
Good luck,

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