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Any folder name can be substituted for the godmode part.
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  Hello listers,

  One complaint I have with Windows 7, is that it is more of a hassle to find 
and access all the various controls for configuring your computer system. XP 
had nearly everything located in the control panel, but in Windows 7 (and 
Vista) a lot of controls can not be easily located. Creating a "GodMode" folder 
puts all those hidden controls in an easily accessible folder.

  GodMode gives the user access to all control panels in a single folder. 
Windows settings are easily changed. And obscure options are made available. At
  the very least, it makes system changes quicker.

  GodMode works in Windows 7 and Vista. However, some users with 64-bit Vista 
have reported crashes. It does not work in Windows XP.

  Creating your GodMode folder is a snap. Right-click on your desktop or in a 
Windows Explorer window. Select New>>Folder. Name it.

  When your new folder appears, the name is highlighted. Replace the name with 
the following: "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" (minus quotes).
  Press Enter. The folder is given a special icon. When you double-click it, 
you'll see all the control panel options.

  The GodMode folder displays all the controls and options in a multiple column 
layout, so you'll need to use the left and right arrow keys to move focus to 
the other columns. When you find something you want to work on, just hit enter, 
and you'll be taken to that screen.


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