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I tried your suggestion you posted on 25 June, to "mute JAWS on the fly".

I am using JAWS 9 and Windows Xp Pro.

Unfortunately, if windows performs a system refresh of the screen, or a 
scheduled event takes place, JAWS is unmuted and starts speaking again.

How would I get JAWS to perform the equivalent of INSERT+CTRL+S, followed by N, 
for "No Speech, followed by ENTER, to turn speech off and INSERT+CTRL+S, 
followed by e, for Elequence, to turn speech on, followed by ENTER, as a 
toggle, at will.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks in anticipation.

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  I dont know if this has been answered or not, so here is my solution.

  1 press insert+0
  2 press ctrl+shift+D to open default scripts
  3 press ctrl+L to open list of scripts
  4 type the letters M U to get to mute synthesizer and enter on it
  5 press ctrl+D
  tab to atach to key and check it if its not already checked.
  tab down to where it asks you to enter a hotkey, and press the hot key of 
  your choice.
  I use ctrl+grov
  grov  its located above the tab key and to the left of the 1.
  6 tab to OK press enter
  7 save the settings with ctrl+S
  8 press alt+F4 to exit.

   I hope this helps you!

  You can leave me a voice mail or fax at
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