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Now here's how to change Jaws from its default setting of not speaking 
capitalization distinctly when you're in the Say All mode. this may get you 
what you say you want:

Bring up the list of Jaws "managers" by pressing Insert F2. Down arrow to 
Configuration manager, press Enter.

Some people wiould tell you to avoid the menu you just went through by 
pressing Insert 6, I think it is, to get to Configuration Manager. I don't 
prefer to teach this method, because it deprives the new user of knowing 
even that there's a menu structure for many Jaws functions. I think that's 
educational. After you know where things are, and which things are 
associated with other things, then a further shortcut is just fine. But to 
provide the shortcut first is not the best idea, in my opinion.

To make sure the changes you're about to make are applied to every program 
you use, you must press Control Shift D. You'll hear Jaws announce that 
you're within the default.jcf window. That's

Now, press Alt to "bring up" the menu line of this window. Arrow to the 
right. When you hear the word "Settings," press enter. A long menu of items 
will open. Again, some people would just say to press Alt S to open this 
menu. Fine. But first take a look at all the menu headings, and you'll 
understand this interface better than if you hadn't explored it.
Down arrow about five or six times, listening to the items being identified. 
when you hear Say All Options, press Enter.

Now tab through a number of items. When you get to the one that says Say All 
Indicate Caps, unchecked," press your space bar. This will check that check 

Now tab to  OK and press Enter.

You're almost done. But first you have to save the file that you've just 
modified by doing these things. Press Control S. Now press Alt F4 to exit 
the Configuration Manager. If you forget to save before you press Alt F4, 
Jaws will remind you to.

Now that screen will close, and your new settings will begin to work as you 

Hope this helps.


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