More on JFW5.X auth key

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  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 04:18:57 -0500

>Greetings In Reply:

Darrell Shandrow, offered in response to my question of not having to have 
a Jaws authorization key:

>Darrell Shandrow
>said: Hi L.D.,
>First, JAWS is certainly not freeware!
>If you have an authorization key on your hard disk, and your software
>maintenance agreement is properly up to date, then JAWS 5 most certainly
>will and should run for hours on end as a fully functioning copy, as you are
>eligible to run it as a paying customer.  The new online authorization
>system has not yet been released.
>My original help request was/is; Also my follow up and clearification is 
>From: "Private Party" <ldy420@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: JFW5.X auth key
>L.D. Yooman said:

>I downloaded the trial version of Jaws 5.X via
>Same has not requested an authorization key or like authentication to make
>the software operate.
>  Still, Jaws sounds normal and functions well to the best of my knowledge.
>This downloaded version of Jaws runs for hours on end and never times out;
>As has older versions using the authorization disk and key system.
>  I'm unable to find information related to this new authorization process
>on the Jaws web site.
>Am I missing something with the new version and its authorization
>  procedure; Or is Jaws now free ware in this latest version?

OK to further clarify my issue and to answer Gentlemen Darrel:

My remark "free-ware" was only intended to add a bit of hummer to the 
posting; As I honestly do not believe Jaws' latest version would be 
free-ware.  I have not purchased any previous Jaws software; And therefore 
have no such authorization key previously installed on this machine.  Too 
this is a brand new computer bought only last week and in fact has not ever 
had any Jaws installed on it.  Only this single download from the H J web 
site.  So what of that?
Help?  Why no key needed?

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