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  • Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 12:11:14 -0700

We have been struggling with this for at least three years. Sometimes I could 
find the combination, which might include right arrowing into seemingly empty 
space to a little picture of a speaker to get the sample to play only to have 
the procedure change the next week. This right mouse button clicking has been 
the longest-lasting so far.

Actually if one subscribes to the RSS feeds, the samples work there 
Jerry Cox
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  It looks like the suggestion to use a Right Mouse Click on the Sample Button 
and then choose Play from the resulting menu works for the books on the Best 
Sellers page.  Audible must be doing something different with some of these 
Flash objects since Spacebar works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.  Maybe 
we should just get used to right mouse clicking and using the context menu 
every time.

  Gary King

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    Sitting here trying to figure this out, I find something very odd. I'm 
working with on the "Audible Best Sellers" page, if that matters to 

    If I go to the search box at the top of the page and turn forms mode on and 
then simply start tabbing through the page, it lands on all links, of course 
but if I make it through the page, eventually I come to the sample buttons. 
Now, JAWS announces "Sample of audio book button plug in type equals object". I 
can press enter and activate the button. Once forms mode is off, though, the 
"plug in type equals object" is no longer announced and I can no longer 
activate the button. 

    I've looked through the settings list and I don't see anything that 
intuitively strikes me as the problem. Any more words of wisdom?

    Thanks for the time and thoughts.


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      While in,
      1. press insert plus v
      2. type fl for flash movie recognize on
      3. if it is not, press space to set recognize on.
      4. press enter to save that setting.
      5. press b to find one or more flash buttons.
      6. when you reach the desired button, press space.
      I just tested this on Audible, and it worked. 
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        Subject: New here with a JAWS question

        My name is Karen. If anyone can help with this question, I'd appreciate 

        On a variety of web sites JAWS says:

        Flash Movie Start
        (button I want to activate)
        and then
        Flash Movie End

        My sighted husband can come in, use the mouse and click the button yet 
no matter how hard I try using virtual, PC and mouse cursor, I can't activate 
the button

        Examples of what I'm talking about:

        On many of the book selections have "sample" button so that 
a small section of the book can be heard. These sample of book buttons are 
surrounded, according to JAWS with "Flash Movie Start" and :"Flash Movie End". 


        Thank you.

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