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  • Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 18:11:13 -0500

I got this from the tip of the day at Sound Computing I think it is called.

Disable Windows Error Reporting

Some individuals (and companies) might argue that submitting crash reports
can help everyone in the long run, first by letting developers know what
of problems are cropping up in the real world, and second by giving
developers an opportunity to fix the problems. But we think you bring up two
good reasons
for bypassing the reports. Your company may have valid reasons for not
allowing employees to send this kind of data outside the company, not the
of which are security issues. Even if you're not in an environment that has
any control over the reports (such as your home office), you may simply not
want to be bothered. Whatever your reasons for skipping the reports, WinXP
does offer the option to turn off the crash report feature. Right-click the
My Computer icon, either in your Start menu or on the Desktop, and select
Properties from the pop-up menu. In the System Properties window, select the
Advanced tab. Click the Error Reporting button near the bottom of the dialog
box. You can disable error reporting completely, disable error reporting
for Windows, or disable error reporting for application errors. Make your
selection, click OK, and then click OK again to dismiss the System

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