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  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 09:54:31 -0400

Hi John,
A file called, which Word opens each time it is started, may
have become corrupt.  Find it and delete it (with Word not running), and
restart Word.  This will automatically create a new one.
Note that if you've written custom macros or styles they are stored in
this, and this will cause you to lose them.  Most people
don't, but if you did, you'll have to take steps to save them first.
You could rename instead of deleting it.
There are other Word add-ons which place .dot files into a directory
where Word automatically opens them upon startup; any of these could be
corrupt, or could be slowing Word down upon starting.  One that we've
had trouble with is automatically installed as part of the full Adobe
suite.  As someone else mentioned Norton installs another one.
If you find any of these in a directory named startup, you could rename
them to see if that solves the problem.
Please let us all know if you find the answer.


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        Hello Again,
        I am also having a strange problem with Microsoft Word 2002 on
my desktop where I am running XP Home edition and JFW 8.0. Word takes at
least one minute or longer to open and close. It does this from an
existing document or if I  open Word from the desktop. I also have a
laptop with Word 2002 and XP home with JFW 7.1 on it and Word opens and
closes with ease. I have 2gb of ram on the desktop and only 512mb on the
laptop and both are Pentium 4 processors, so there is no major
differences in processor performance. Does anyone have any ideas on how
to speed this up?
        Take care,

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