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This is really helpful. Haven't tried it yet, but I will Thanks!!




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I've found  two  earlier lister messsages concerning comments. Although they
go back to MS word 2003, I suspect you know enough to apply them to your


1. First, turn on the Reviewing toolbar to work with comments. To know if
there are comments in your document, use Insert V and turn on Comments,
Footnotes and Endnotes. Now you should hear if you navigate across any
comments. Two important Jaws keystroke combos are: List reviewers' comments
Control+Shift+apostrophe Announce the comment referenced at the cursor
location Alt+Shift+Apostrophe While on a comment, the context menu gives you
choices to edit or delete the comment. The comments are actually in a Web
view, and you can use F6 to switch back and forth. It's also very helpful to
go into Tools, Options, and on the Security tab, check the checkbox that
says Warn Before Printing, Saving or Sending a file that Contains Track
Changes or Comments. You don't want to accidentaly print or send a file with
red comments all over it. I know, I've done that. This way you know that
there is hidden data that needs to be either sent as required or deleted
prior to sending.


2. Editing a comment field without erasing when I want to edit a field it
deletes what is typed in there. I am typing text into a regular box when I
say comments so I don't knwo if I have missed something.


If you wish to type into a field and not erase what is already in the field,
go to the field and then hit f2. this puts you in the edit box which is
across the top of the window below all the menus and shortcut buttons. Then
you can use your jaws commands such as home key to get to the start of the
field, end to get to the end of the field and errows left and right etc to
put the curser where you wish to type. Then just type like you would any
other time. When finished just hit f2 again.



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Subject: Microsoft Word COMMENT PANE


Hi all,


I'm using Office 2010, Windows 7, and latest JFW. I'm trying to read the
comments on one of my documents. A frend marked it up for me, using the
comment function in Word. I've never used this extensively, and don't know
how to get JAWS to read the comments, and to move back and forth between the
comments and their insertion points. I'm assuming this won't be much
different than in Office 2007, so if anyone has good experience with it
please give me some hints or point me to a resource. Thanks!




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dear list,


I'm transitioning from office 2003 to 2010 and have been looking for
tutorials. All the tutorials that I can find are for office 2007. Should I
use these tutorials, or is it going to be more confusing since I will be
using office 2010 not 2007. Thanks




Drew Hunthausen
Mailto: dhunthausen@xxxxxxxxx

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