Maximized program vs. maximized message (was Re: JAWS 8, OE and FS Tech Support)

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  • Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 09:14:15 -0700

Hi guys,

I just want to confirm that the comment below about the importance of 
maximizing a message in order to edit accurately in it is something I've 
mentioned a few times. In my case, I never thought about installing some 
utility to do this automatically,but I can see where someone might find that 
convenient and reassuring.

What I have explained before, and will try to explain again, is this: The 
size in which a new message, or a reply, or a forward, opens when you begin 
to work on it isn't related to whether Outlook or Outlook Express has opened 
maximized when it launched.  That has to do with the program interface and 
everything it contains, from the menu line to the panes with folders and 
message lists.

Now, when you open a message in order to edit it, at first it's  only a 
smaller area within that screen-filling interface. Though I suppose the 
little program mentioned below conveniently modifies this, what I'm 
describing is the default, the norm. A sighted user might leave such a 
message window reduced size while editing it, if the text isn't too small 
for their comfort that way. If it is, and they can't find their reading 
glasses, or whatever, then they'd click the control to maximize the message 
to fill the screen. but that's what we Jaws users often have to do as a 
matter of course in order to ensure that Jaws can function accurately within 
the message area.

In other words, the message isn't "the program," so to speak. Just because 
the program interface is maximized doesn't mean a message will be maxed when 
you open it.  So if you want it to fill the screen, obscuring everything 
else in the interface except for the menu line, then you maximize it. Again, 
this is not the same as talking about having the program itself open 
maximized when it launches.

I use the good old alt spacebar x to maximize my messages, except for when 
I'm allowing Jaws to read through an Inbox  message automatically without my 
interference, the moment I click it open. Jaws does this fine, without 
maximizing. But if I even want to navigate manually with my arrow keys and 
such around that message, I'll maximize it just to let jaws work as 
accurately as possible.And of course if I press control r for reply or 
control f for forward, I'll maximize the reply or the forward I'm about to 
edit first thing before I start to type.

If anyone is not clear about this, I'll try to find a way to rephrase it. 
But I hope this will help to clarify this ongoing confusion about maximizing 
a program (by the way we set up its Properties) and maximizing one of its 
screen elements, in this case an open message. Those aren't the same thing.
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Glad to hear that.  BTW, the FS guy said that if the problem with editing in 
OE occurs when editing new, replys or forwards to  messages, then AutoSizer 
might fix it.  He explained that even if you have OE set to open maxamized, 
the message window reverts to restored, which can cause the blank spaces 
problem when editing.  He said it works for him, so might be worth a try.


>>> "Adrian Spratt" <A.Spratt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 05/10/07 5:30 PM >>>

Hi, Cher. Loreal's message the other day tempted me to go through the same 
process you just did with FS, but I was skeptical that it would help my 
situation and now you've confirmed my suspicion. So I just now uninstalled 
8.0.2107 and re-installed 8.0.423. Ted pointed out that the .exe file for 
that version would be on my system because it was the first 8.X that I 
installed. So far, so good. With 8.0.423, the select problem you mention 
here has gone. I was also experiencing blanks in my edit fields, and I'll 
need to write a few messages and do some word processing to see if it has 
also disappeared. But there are no blanks in this message. Again, so far, so 
good. In my case, it looks as though going backwards is the solution.

I can't emphasize how helpful the people on this list have been.  And to be 
clear, I know Loreal and others were right about the solutions they found 
for themselves.  The way JAWS has of acting differently on different systems 
needs all this input to direct each of us to the solution that works for 

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From: Cher Bosch

Adrian, I just completely uninstalled 8, downloaded the full latest version 
and reinstalled- with no change in the troublesome behaviors at all. I 
talked with FS tech support first, who suggested trying a repair, but JAWS 
would not allow this action; so then went the total uninstall/reinstall 
route. When I showed Reginald (FS) how JAWS only reads the first column in 
the messages list when the shift key is held down he *was* able to reproduce 



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