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When you checked the sounds and audio dialog, was the Magic Jack plugged in
to your computer?


From what you describe, the Sigmatel is your default audio card. If you plug
the Magic Jack back in and you go back to the sounds and audio dialog in the
control panel, you should see three devices listed. See if you can make the
Sigmatel the default and see if that corrects your problem.


If that does not work, I think the next thing to do is force Jaws to use the
Sigmatel device as suggested by another list member. You can find out how to
do this by going to the FS web site and looking for information on using
multiple sound cards with Jaws. If you cannot find this information, send
another message and I can outline the steps for you.






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When I checked the audio tab, I have 2 choices for play back which are modem
0 line and sigmatel.  No sound card is mentioned.  I am using a Dell E3100
and Windows XP with Jaws 6.20.



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I don't have Magic Jack so I can't comment exactly on the problem you are


However, the problem might be that when Magic Jack is plugged in to your
system, it takes over as the default sound device on your system. To verify
this and change it, go to the control panel and check the sounds and audio
devices dialog. Go to the audio tab and see what device is shown as the
default. If it shows as the Magic Jack device, change it back to the sound
card in your system and see if this corrects the problems you are having.


I hope this helps,





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That is really strange.  How, then, do you get calls if the phone is being
used for Jaws?  Do you think that ear phones plugged in to the computer
would work?



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Hello Katherine


I have magic jack as well.

This will only work when you plug the magic jack on to your computer.  What
you have to do is pick up your telephone and listen to jaws through the
phone it self.

Note: as long as you have the magic jack plugged in to the U.S.B. port; Jaws
will only work by listening to it through the telephone..

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I just received Magic Jack in the mail and plugged it in to the computer.
It plugs in to a JSB port and then in to the telephone.  It allows you to
use your phone, sort of like Vonage but using the phone line.  When I first
plugged it in, Jaws started to speak and then stopped.


Does anyone know if using this sort of phone program would have an effect on
Jaws?  When I unplugged the Magic Jack from the USB prot, Jaws came back.
I'm sort of afraid to plug the phone converter box back in.  Any help with
this would be appreciated.



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