Re: MacroMedia Flash Player 8.0?

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I've had music CD's do that. How do I play things with WinAmp from Macromedia 
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  Hi Bill:


  I have had limited experience with that software; however, have you tried 
playing it with Winamp or realplayer or is it pictures you are trying to view?  
Take care.


  Liz Wade



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  How can I tell Macromedia Flash Player 8.0 to play a video with Jaws 7.0? is 
there a hot key? I received a video on CD. As soon as I put CD in Macromedia 
Flash Player pops up. I cannot see anything on screen I can click to make the 
video start.


  When I explore the CD it seems to have a application on it. A folder called 
fscommand. It also has some start up files and one executable file. Has other 
data folders as well. When I run the executable it runs the flash player. 


  Any ideas?



  Bill Tipton



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