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The options dialog is still there.  Hit alt+f, I, then arrow down to
proofing, then tab as usual.
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Hello.  This is a bit off-topic, perhaps, but it deals directly with
accessing features in MS Word using JAWS 9. 
I've just upgraded to Office 2007 on nearly all my systems, due to
work-related requirements.  I've noticed, to my chagrin, that the
spellchecker in Word is not tied to a particular dictionary.  Even when I
intentionally misspelled many common words in a document, Spellchecker did
not catch them when I ran this application at the end. 
From the Word 2007 Help menus, I learned that one can set Spellchecker
options by going to the Tools menu.  But the only thing I can get to so far
using keyboard commands in Word is the various ribbons, not anything that
looks like a classic menu.  None of the ribbon subcategories contained
anything that looked like TOOLS or SPELLCHECKING OPTIONS. 
Any suggestions?  Thanks a lot. 

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