RE: MP3 download confusion

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  • Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 11:04:37 -0500

Is there a way to get it to activate Windows Media Player instead of winamp?
Or, is there a way to get winamp to work decently with Jaws?  


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you can't change it.  it depends on whether the site owner gives you access
to the .mp3 file itself; which, I gather from your description, it does not.
Here's what I think is happening.  The Winamp play list file is being used
to call up the actual .mp3 file.  In other words, the Winamp play list file,
(which is going to be either a .m3u or a .pls play list file) was written in
such a way that when ever it's called up by the visitor to the sight, it
uses information written in it about exactly where the actual .mp3 file is
on the server and calls it up.  But, all you have access to, in such a case
as this, is the play list file and not the actual file itself.  Therefore,
it's not a problem with your computer or Jaws; rather, it's determined by
how ever the site owner wants you to have access.  In some cases you may
have access to the mp3 file directly; but, in other cases, not.  HTH.
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From: Ralph Supernaw <mailto:rsupernaw@xxxxxxxxxx>  
To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
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Subject: MP3 download confusion

I want to download an MP3 file.  When I select "save target as" the file I
am told I will download is a winamp playlist and not the MP3 file.  When I
go ahead and let winamp play the file I am told it is an MP3 file.  
How do I change this to download the MP3 file and not a winamp laylist file?

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