Re: Lots of blank virtual buffers in IE 7 with JAWS 7.1 and 8.0.

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  • Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 17:57:41 -0700

Hmm, interesting.  This response looks very generic but I'll check it out.

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  Hi list,
  Yes I believe I have Darrell if you are talking about when JAWS makes it seem 
like nothing is there. . As a matter of fact, I e-mailed FS about this issue 
yesterday. I will place the reply below. 
  I hope this helps. I sometimes remedy this issue by hitting the F5 command 
when using IE 6. I still have to check and make the changes myself as described 
  Beware, the response is quite long. 

  Thank you for contacting Freedom Scientific Support. 
  The first suggestion with these symptums is to first check display settings.  
  Below are the suggested settings to optimize  Windows XP with Jaws.  
  1.  Press Control plus Escape or Windows Key to open the Start Menu.
  2.  Press S for Settings and Enter on Control Panel.
  3.  Press the letter D till you hear display and press Enter.
  4. on the Themes Page:
  Windows XP should be set to modified by default.
  To change press alt plus down arrow to open
  5.  Control Tab to the Desktop Tab  
  Set background to bliss
  Set position  stretch 
  6.  Press Control Tab to Screen Saver
  Set to none]
  7.  Control Tab to Appearance Tab
  Set  to Windows Classic Style
  Color Scheme Windows Standard
  Font Size Normal
  8.  Tab to OK and press Enter 
  Suggestions for setting up folders in Windows XP 
  1. Hold down the Windows key and press the letter M to get to the desktop.
  2.  Press M for my computer and press Enter.
  3. Press Alt plus t and down arrow to Folder Options and press Enter.
  4.  When on the general tab, set tasks to use Windows Classic Folders.
  Set to Open folders in the same Window.
  5.  Tab to OK and press Enter.  
  Note: After making these changes, the Display page Themes combo box says 
"Modified Theme." 
  Start Menu
  List of 6 items
  1. From Control Panel, Move to Taskbar and Start menu and press ENTER.
  2. From the Taskbar page, press ALT+G to move to and uncheck Group Similar 
Taskbar Buttons.
  3. Press ALT+H to move to and uncheck the check box for Hide inactive icons.
  4. Press CTRL+TAB to move to the Start Menu page.
  5. Select Classic start menu.
  6. Press ENTER to close this dialog box.
  list end 
  Windows Explorer
  List of 10 items
  1. Press WINDOWS KEY+E to open Windows Explorer.
  2. Press ALT+V to open the View menu.
  3. Select "Arrange Icons by" and press ENTER to open the submenu.
  4. Move to the menu item "Name" to arrange by Name, and Press ENTER to select 
this and close the menus.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3, and move to the item "Show in Groups." If it is 
checked, press ENTER to uncheck it and close the menus.
  6. Press ALT+T to open the Tools menu.
  7. Press O to open the Folder Options Dialog.
  8. Press CTRL+TAB to move to the View page.
  9. Press SPACEBAR to activate the "Apply to all folders" button, and press 
SPACEBAR on the YES button to acknowledge this change.
  10. Move to the OK button and press SPACEBAR to close this dialog box.
  list end 
  System Performance
  List of 6 items (contains 1 nested list)
  1. From the Control Panel, move to System and press ENTER to open the System 
Properties Dialog.
  2. Press CTRL+TAB to move to the Advanced page.
  3. Press ALT+S to activate the Performance Settings button. The Performance 
Options Dialog opens.
  4. Clear the following check boxes:
  List of 4 items nesting level 1
  * Animate Windows when Minimizing and Maximizing.
  * Slide open Combo Boxes.
  * Smooth-scroll List Boxes.
  * Use Visual Styles on Windows and Buttons.
  list end nesting level 1
  5. Press ENTER to close the Performance Options dialog and return to the 
System Properties dialog box.
  6. Press ENTER to activate the OK button and close the System Properties 
dialog box. 
  If there are two display adapters showing in the device manager under display 
adapters, be sure to disable the second instance of the driver for proper
  operation of Jaws.  
  Sluggishness on the internet is most likely caused by spyware or malware that 
may have gotten installed on your system.  
  We strongly recommend getting a good spy ware removal tool as in Counter Spy 
or Spy Sweeper from Web Roott software. This tool will check your computer
  for Spy ware. These days, this is an absolute must.
  If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 
  Thank you for choosing Freedom Scientific! 
  If replying to this message, Be sure to include all previous correspondence 
pertaining to this issue so that we might more quickly  assist you. 
  Grant Downey
  Technical Support Specialist
  Freedom Scientific 
  Phone support: 727 803 8600, option #2
  E-mail Support: 
  Visit our website at: 
  Our Mission
  To develop, manufacture and market innovative technology-based products
  and services that those with vision impairments and learning
  disabilities use to change their world. 
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  To: Freedom Scientific Technical Support
  Hello Freedomscientific,
  I am running JAWS 7.1 on my laptop with Windows XP SP2. 
  While surfing the web, JAWS tends to hang up on me when a page is loading. In 
other words, I often can't get it to say or do anything until the page is
  fully loaded. 
  I have also had JAWS lose focus while on the net. The web page can be loading 
and all of a sudden the web page is no longer there. I check the status of
  the page with the JAWS command at one minute and the page is still loading, 
then the next minute it says nothing. I try hitting the arrow keys to move
  the cursor and nothing is said. However, if I hit the numpad 5 key Jaws will 
say blank. I end up doing an alt-tab command to get the web page back in focus,
  and everything works again. 
  JAWS is also very sluggish during these times. 
  I hope you all can assist me with this issue. 

  To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 10:54:34 -0700
  Subject: Lots of blank virtual buffers in IE 7 with JAWS 7.1 and 8.0.
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  Hello Everyone,

  I have been noticing more and more frequent instances where web pages pulled 
up in IE 7 using either JAWS 7.1 or 8.0 have completely blank virtual buffers.  
It is necessary to close and reload the browser window.  Further, this problem 
increases in frequency the longer JAWS is running.  The problem goes away for 
awhile after JAWS has been closed and restarted, then recurs soon after.

  Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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