RE: Laptops and hardware synthesizer for JFW

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What other considerations are there with an external synthesizer?  I am
looking at up-dating my laptop and would love to know if I should be going
with an external synth or at least if I should plan on the option when I am
not portable to use a quicker solution.




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As far as slowing down, The need for an external synth is becoming less
relevant as we move into faster processors. By the time you reach a 2 GHz
machine you don't have much speed advantage with an external synth. Note
that I said speed. There are other considerations, but for speed, save your
money if you already have a fast processor.




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I would love to hear more about synthesizers slowing down PC performance.  I
sure do find that my JAWS speech does not keep up with me especially when I
am alt tabbing from program to program.  Sorry, I have no knowledge to share
with you about hardware for JAWS but would love to hear what others have to



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