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Laptops vary wildly in keyboard layouts.  I would hesitate to make a specific 
recommendation, because I don't know your needs in terms of performance, 
mobility, display etc.

I will say that my Averatec 3250 is a great value for the money.  I chose it 
because it is somewhat smaller and lighter than the 15-inch 7-pound variety. 
It is about 11 inches wide, weighs 4.5 pounds.  One drawback is that its 
battery is smaller, so the run-time between charges is about 3 hours.

Having said that, it does have some nice advantages.  My particular model has 
built-in 802.11G wireless, a DVD-RW, and 80 gb hard-drive.  As a Jaws user, I 
appreciate the fact that it has an insert key on the keyboard.  While I still 
use the laptop layout because of the need to use jaws key with 8 for 
left-mousing, the insert key is still honored so I can use insert-v for 
verbosity settings which is easier than caps loc-v.  The other thing about 
this laptop is that it has a function key which modifies the function of 
various keys.  Examples: func/up-arrow is page-up; fund/right arrow is end; 
func and f3 turns the display off or on.  Turning the display off does prolong 
battery life.

Hope this helps.


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